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Testimonials from buyers

What my clients say...........

 "I first came across Viktor’s work several years ago.  What struck me straight away was the diversity between the paintings, Viktor has a broad array of styles yet they all feel part of the same family once you become familiar with his work.  I had followed Viktor’s work for some time before deciding to make a purchase but once I did I had no regrets.

My first purchase was one of Viktor’s extraordinary “amalgamation” pieces, I had never seen anything like it before and felt compelled to buy it.  It did not disappoint and was the first piece in what is now a sizeable collection of his work.

Viktor enjoys pushing himself and rather than just produce the same thing time and time again he is always trying new styles, which are quite breathtaking.  Indeed it is this pursuit of amazing new forms that has swept me along for the journey.

That is not to say he does not revisit the “classics”; I really recommend that anyone who does not own one of his amalgamation paintings buy one when they become available.  But the overwhelming joy of Viktor’s work is you never quite know where it will go next and that is what makes him such an exciting artist to me."

Collector from Suffolk, UK.

 “As a proud collector of Viktor’s art, I can personally vouch for their vibrant and dynamic aesthetic.  Viktor is equally at home with geometrical and non-geometrical abstraction, and moves effortlessly between glorious technicolour (Magical Fairground) and linear monochrome (PCB1).  The ‘Amalgamation’ series is outstanding, and Viktor’s unique application of medium creates three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional support.  Our existing purchases are a constant source of delight and inspiration, and we eagerly anticipate the new abstract aesthetics of Viktor’s future creations.”

UK collector