The UK's leading Direct Sell Artist
Established 1989

The self taught Artist


My Background

An Outsider Artist (untrained). Born 1964 and been painting all my life. Worked in an office for around 30 years and still painted every night. Exhibited for 10 years in the 90's around the UK. One of the first artists to own a dedicated web site, launched London in 2000. I have travelled around the world to see great art, I have a particular affinity for Russian Abstract art of the early 20th century. I share the same birthday as Kandinsky.

Turned professional in 2008, I sell direct to the general public around the world. Collections in UK, German, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, USA, Canada and Australia,

Virtually every painting I create is sold on completion, I retain very little stock on hand.


Amalgamation Paintings

These are highly unique works, an example shown here. I developed this technique of painting over many years to become a series in its own right. Each is hand painted, it's a long slow process to get it right. They come in many sizes and a few different colour combinations. They are very thirsty on paint and the larger scale ones take me several months to complete.  They are towards the high end of my price range for that reason. Seeing one close up is a memorable experience, people often think they are mass produced or printed, they are not. Every single stroke is unique, every tiny colour combination is a one off. The largest painting in the series to date is 36 inches long.